• Feeling lost, hopeless or maybe, just unmotivated?

    There are many others who have felt this way before but they went on to achieve great things in life. Learn more about The Phoenix Perspective and how you too can rise above your challenges and achieve the success of your dreams.

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    The Phoenix Perspective is a brand new book from award winning journalist and writer, Eibhlin Lim, who has had more than seven years of experience writing for leading newspapers and publications in Malaysia, Hong Kong and USA. In this book, Eibhlin interviews nine leaders, innovators and change-makers from around the globe to uncover their secrets to overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges and setbacks such as homelessness, illiteracy and bankruptcy and shares what she has learned from them while providing deeper insight into their individual journeys to success. Among the individuals Eibhlin has interviewed for this book include:



    Stacey Ferreira

    the youngest female entrepreneur in USA to sell a company

    Tom Chi

    creator of Google Glass and previous head of product experience at X, Google’s semi-secret innovation lab

    James Tanabe

    the youngest artistic director in Cirque Du Soleil’s history

    Patrick Grove

    Asia’s leading Internet entrepreneur who has taken five companies from the start-up stage to IPO and sold two companies, one of them, iProperty Group for US$534 million

    Rocky Yang

    the founder of 104 Job Bank, the No.1 online recruitment service provider in Taiwan

    Ahmad Izham Omar

    entertainment visionary who introduced Malaysians to the Alternative music genre and transformed the local TV channels into a talent creation platform

  • About The Author:




    Eibhlin S.Y. Lim

    Eibhlin is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago, USA. She got her start in writing at 15, contributing articles to The Star, Malaysia’s most widely-read English newspaper. Since then, she has had more than 50 bylines in established local and international news outlets such as MalaysiaSME, the New Straits Times and StartupsHK. She has also won numerous journalism and writing awards including the 2011 Dublin Literary Award for Young Malaysians.


    In 2014, Eibhlin started her own online publication, Phoenix Newsletters, with a mission to inspire more youths to pursue their passions and to do good for their communities. Today, Phoenix Newsletters has grown to serve more than 7,000 high school and university student subscribers. Eibhlin is also a regular speaker at academic and start-up events around the globe and has given honorarium sessions at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala and National Taiwan University.

    During her free time, Eibhlin enjoys reading, dancing and most definitely, writing. She lives with her family in the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia.

  • Feedback From Our Readers:

    We have sold more than 1000 copies of 'The Phoenix Perspective' and our readers range from middle school students

    to seasoned entrepreneurs. This is what some of our readers have to say after reading 

    'The Phoenix Perspective':

    "I like it A LOT. Most success stories focus only on the individual's achievements and not their pasts. This book stands out by sharing the childhood stories and personal experiences of these individuals, providing readers an intimate view into their incredible journeys. Instead of only looking at the person's life only when they are at the "top", this book reveals their lives when they were at the"bottom" too. I can relate to these stories better and think other youths would too."


    - University Student, 25, Malaysia.

    "This book gave me a lot of insights that I can't find elsewhere. My favorite story from the book would be Rocky Yang's, especially the part on facing challenges is the surest path to destiny. My only wish is that every story is told more in depth because I am interested to know more about every little thing that shape them. Maybe each of them can become a stand alone biography. (..) I believe you can inspire hundreds of thousands of people. Or even millions!"


    - Vincent Huberta, Entrepreneur, Indonesia.

    "In Eibhlin’s 'The Phoenix Perspective', the experience of exceptional entrepreneurs is nothing short of inspiring. Like us they face no lesser challenge, and perhaps even more failures, but achieving their dream has kept them going. We can all take a leaf out of their stories and I would recommend my friends to read 'The Phoenix Perspective'. I have actually bought numerous copies and given them out as gifts!"



    - Dato' Dr. Jessie Tang, Entrepreneur, Malaysia.


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  • You Can Also Inspire

    The New Generation!

    A few weeks ago, I was visiting a school in Malaysia where I met a Form 5 student. I asked her about her dream career. She said, “I want to be a psychologist.” Then she adds, “But my English is very bad. I don’t think I can be a psychologist.”


    Many youths today face difficulties believing that they will able to achieve their own dreams let alone imagining that they would be able to contribute something positive to humanity in the future. If you ask them if they believe they will be able to: innovate new technologies like Tom Chi or start successful companies and create new career opportunities for their communities like Stacey Ferreira and the other entrepreneurs in this book have done, most youths would definitely say: “NO!” To be fair, most of us would never in our wildest dream believe we would be able to achieve such stratospheric success too.


    However, what most people don’t know is that all these individuals interviewed for this book had pretty ordinary upbringings. In fact, some of them might have had it worse than some of us while they were growing up. For example, Tom Chi did not know how to read, write or speak for the first seven years of his life and Binh Tran is a Vietnam War survivor. In 2014, when I started Phoenix Newsletters and shared these individuals' life stories, students reached out to me to tell me how learning about their idols came from nothing and still made it big today inspired them to reach for their own dreams with more courage and determination. A Form 5 student from SMK Seafield, Selangor wrote:


    “His story was very inspiring - dreams were made to be achieved, and so long as I can dream it, I will achieve it. Thanks for the great newsletter! I look forward to the next one!”


    I believe when we share more about the life stories and journeys of some of the most successful people around today, we can help to inspire the new generation to believe more in themselves and their dreams, and in turn, light the path for them to carry the torch for humanity forward. You too can make a difference!


    We are currently working with individuals and companies to sponsor or subsidize the book so that students from all backgrounds would be able to read the stories and benefit from them. A Taiwanese entrepreneur has sponsored 350 copies of books for university students in Taiwan and top entrepreneurs in Malaysia have come together to subsidize more than 230 copies of books for high school students in country. That said, there are still many students in Malaysia whom have ordered the book and countless other students around the world who could benefit from reading the stories. If you would like to sponsor or subsidize the book for the youth in Malaysia or in your country, please reach out to us in the contact form below.


    I look forward to working with you to inspiring the new generation of leaders, innovators and change-makers. Thank you in advance for your willingness to make a positive difference!





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